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Abbot Ale     (Brewery missing)
Kluge  Only bitterness and nothing else.
WesiRather bitter, slightly fruity aftertaste. Nice amber color and solid foam. Not much carbonation, of course, but still quite OK.
Bass Finest Ale     (Bass Brewing, Burton on Trent)
Kluge  Hoppy and a bit metallic. Kinda flat, not very much like an ale, rather like a poor bitter. If this is their finest, you maybe should make a point of staying away from their other brews.
Beamish Irish Stout     (Beamish, Cork, Ireland)
Wesi  Good! If I ever get to heaven, I'll drink stouts and have a PC running Linux. If I get to hell, I'll have Heineken and a Mac... (And, yes, sorry to all from Ireland for having a true Irish beer on a UK page... I'm just too busy to set up an Ireland page of its own)
Beamish Red     (Ireland)
Kluge  Creamy! Slightly bitter aftertaste. Can't say much 'bout the taste since there is none.
WesiAcceptable. Nice, solid foam. Not much taste, but leaving a sticky, a bit artificial aftertaste. Some beers later I would use some stronger words. But since I'm still thirsty, it slips. This time.
Bishop's Finger     (Shepherd Neame, Faversham, Kent)
Wesi  Ruby amber color. Both, rather bitter and quite fruity. They seem to be quite generous with aroma and bitter hops. Still, its not only hoppy, but has a nice hint of roast in its taste which blends perfectly with its fruityness. Quite OK.
Brackspear's Bitter     (Brackspear Brewery, Henley on time)
Wesi  Another bitter. Hoppier than some, but unfortunately not much more than just hoppy. I think I even tasted something that doesn't belong into a beer.
Caffrey's Irish Ale     (Caffrey's)
Wesi  Kinda like water would taste after it has been used to rinse off a dozen glasses of Guinness: thin. Not very much of a beer - but still, amazingly creamy and smooth.
Calders Creamy Ale     (John Calder Brewing, Scotland (now Bass Breweries))
Wesi  Aaah. London's pubs already made me feel like a shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean - surrounded by drink, but nothing really drinkable in sight. This was when we came across Calders Creamy - and stayed for another one. It really *is* creamy, but it's also tasty, generously carbonated, smooth and comes with a solid foamy cap. Really good!
Although we were looking for it everywhere after our first encounter, we couldn't find it but in one place. Therefore here is how to get there: The George, D'Arblay St., W1
Carling Black Label     (Bass Brewing, Burton on Trent)
Kluge  Pee. A beer you'll expect to get in a plastic cup at some hamburger shack.
WesiBoring and really cheap. Sucks.
Courage Best Bitter     (Courage Brewery)
Wesi  Flat. Aftertaste quite ok, but taste: not much. If this is the best, their other brews will surely require the testers' courage...
Directors Bitter     (Courage Brewery)
Wesi  Aah. The first British beer after years - and already the first sip makes me feel at home. Lukewarm, sparsely carbonated - but perfect in color and rather friendly in taste.
Fentiman's Ginger Brew     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Wheoaaakh! Just took one sip, and I'm dying... One bottle surely has the potential to kill dozens. Acid-like, trying to rip your throat open and to burn your guts. Hands off, definitely! Reading the label made my suffering even worse: "Flavourings: Ginger, Lemon, Speedwell, Juniper, Citric Acid, and, of all things!!, Cream of Tartar!!!". (I know it's not a beer, but they dare to call it "Ginger BEER", therefore I had to try it... Aaah. The first to really justify the three boaks :-)
Flower's Original Strong Ale     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Smooth, not bad. A bit weak in taste and an unpleasant hint of sourness in its aftertaste. OK, but not outstanding.
Fuller's India Pale Ale     (Fuller's)
Wesi  Ugh. I expected more hoppyness and less weirdness. But alas, I got a beer that must have been a breakfast cereal in an earlier life. Decent lingering aftertaste, not at all bad, but a disappointing taste for my palate.
Gillespies Stout     (Scotland)
Wesi  Good. Kluge is wondering if he ever happens to see me try a stout and condemn it. Well, I might - but certainly not Gillespies. Its smooth and creamy, just the way it's supposed to be. Less of that unique bitter-roasty flavor than my beloved Guinness, but still, a good competitor...
Guinness Draught     (Guinness, Dublin, Ireland)
Wesi  Don't think I need to describe it. The world is divided into Guinness-lovers, Guinness-haters and ignorants. I'm a worshiper. Creamy, bitter, roasty - one of the best beers on sale and the only brew of worldwide availability that I really like.
Hancock's HB Original Ale     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Tasting quite like a beer. A bit too sparsely carbonated and (sigh!) a bit too warm. But still, rather smooth, nearly creamy. Not bad.
KlugeTaste like a rollercoaster ride - ups and downs. Overall, I think it's rather boring. A beer you could drink all night without even noticing that you're drinking.
John Smith Extra Smooth Bitter     (Brewery missing)
Kluge  Smooth it is, all right. But that's not hard to achieve with no carbonation at all.
WesiA beer tasting like the perfect circle of tastes: No edges, no corners. And nothing to wake up my senses. Boring.
King & Barnes Harvest Ale     (King & Barnes Brewery)
Wesi  Noticeable carbonation and a distinct roasty taste. On second thought, it rather tastes like an out-of- plastic-cup beer you'd expect to get with a hotdog at the corner.
KlugeTasting like a lager after having been in the glass out in the open for one day...
London Pride     (Fuller's)
Wesi  Rather bitter aftertaste. Unfortunately, it ain't got much more than that bitter aftertaste. Boring.
Minsterly Ale     (Salopian Brewing Co)
Kluge  Brr. Use it to clean your windows or lavatory. An unique blend of bleacher, soap and beer.
Murphy's Irish Stout     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Color and foam promise something the taste can't really catch up with. A bit weak in roast. Still, it's creamy, smooth and cool. Nice hint of licorice in the aftertaste. OK.
Newcastle Brown Ale     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Promising look, a taste that starts like a real ale, but drops like a stone from a cliff. Hardly any aftertaste. Weak.
Peakstone Bitter     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Unobtrusive, but quite good. Smooth, well carbonated. Perfectly normal beer, the way you can buy it all over the world. Maybe a bit too warm - but you know...
Pedigree Bitter     (Brewery missing)
Kluge  Smells like a downtown road on a sunday mornin'. You know, that unique mixture of pee, puke and beer...
WesiSmells like horse shit. I'd even say it *tastes* like horse shit, but since I never really tasted horse shit, it's kinda hard to compare. But you get the point.
Ringwood Bitter     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Very sparsely carbonated. A bit fruity and a bit too sweet. Flat, no real taste. Rather disappointing.
Rutland Independence Strong Ale     (Brewery missing)
Kluge  Awful. Tasting like that white glue I used as a child to put things together. Brr.
WesiAah. I know that Kluge doesn't like ambers, but this one surely doesn't merit the three "boaks" he wants it to rate. It's strong, it's roasty and kinda reminds me of a good beer I once had in the States. Can't remember which one, though. JD American Ale, maybe ? Anyway... it's quite OK.
Speckled Hen Strong Fine Ale     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Mmh, tasty! Aftertaste a tiny bit too bitter, but the flavor is quite good, really. One of the best ales in the test.
Tetley Bitter     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Mh, not ten beers tested and already these know-one-know-everyone bitters start to bore me. Yes it's fruity, yes it's hoppy in its aftertaste. But so are others.
KlugeSlightly fruity aftertaste, unobtrusive bitterness. Nothing special, but not bad either.
Theakston Best Bitter     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  The first beer I had after a long day on the walk. Therefore, I liked it of course... Yesterday evening, I would have called it "ordinary" and "boring". But if you're thirsty, even boring british bitter beer turns out to be quite good :-)
Theakston XB     (Brewery missing)
Kluge  Slightly wooden aftertaste. The color is perfect, but the taste rather weak.
WesiHmm. A bit soap, a bit wood, a bit sweaty sneakers. Not really bad, but rather unobtrusive. Nothing very rewarding, but that hint of oakwood fits quite well.
Theakstone Old Peculiar     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Hearty amber with a fine, smooth taste. Tiny bit too fruity, but with a pleasant aftertaste. OK.
Tolly's Original Dark Bitter     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Brr. No carbonation, just bitter and nothing else. Leave it now or puke it later.
Tripple Diamond     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Smells and tastes a bit like a panache. Fruity, kinda artificial too. I wouldn't think you can get this taste by only using hops, barley and water. Welcome to the InstantBeer (tm) by Dow Chemicals.
Websters Yorkshire Bitter     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Weak. A hint of bitterness and hops in the aftertaste makes the lack of taste even more noticeable.
Worthington Bitter     (Bass Brewing, Burton on Trent)
Wesi  Flat, without carbonation. Water is tasty in comparison. Hands off.
KlugeWarm and mellow, wooden aftertaste. Better no beer than this beer.
Young's Bitter     (Young's Brewery)
Wesi  Very ordinary bitter. No carbonation at all. In taste not too bad, but, you know, just boring...
Young's Special     (Young's Brewery)
Wesi  Hoppier than their normal bitter, but still not really that much taste. Weak.


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