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Azteca     (Tecate / FEMSA)
Wesi  Look and smell of Corona, but hardly any taste at all. Kinda like "the mother of all light beers", mated with a decent portion of burro pee smell. Not really offending, but hardly something I'd buy again.
Carta Blanca     (Moctezuma, Monterrey)
Wesi  Pretty ordinary, but a good one to try if you get fed up by the Corona and Chihuahua stuff. Normal lager taste, a bit thin, aftertaste a little on the sweet side. Quite decent, as long as you drink it ice cold.
Cerveza Del Pacifico     (Grupo Modelo )
Wesi  A true beer. Not yellowish burro pee, not thin and flat like some others. Reminds me of a party in Sayulita, where the locals literally tried to drown me with it. Didn't do no harm, though. I still like Del Pacifico very much.
Cerveza de barril oscura "Kloster"     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Hmm. Looks like a health hazard, foam like right from a polluted river or water treatment plant. If it weren't for the typical beer mug (called tarro), it could just as well be a glass of coke, dark and bubbly. Tastes - well - surprisingly decent. Almost no bitterness, smooth if weak malt taste, and a tiny twinge of hoppyness in the aftertaste.
Chihuahua     (Brewery missing)
Wesi  Comes in a transparent bottle like Corona. Looks and tastes like Corona, which actually means that it looks and tastes like burro-pee. Might become the Corona of the next generation. Don't buy it if you can't get lime as well. The test result depends on your personal estimation of Corona.
Corona     (Modelo)
Wesi  A best-seller world wide. That doesn't make it any better, though. It's not the taste that offends me, but the typical Corona stench of burro pee. Undrinkable without lime.
Corona Light     (Modelo)
Wesi  The only beer in my test which I rated without ever actually trying it. :-).
Dos Equis Amber     (Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma)
Wesi  Not really an amber - the only thing amber with it is its transparent amber color, looking like watered cola. A bit thin in taste, not at all like an amber. Not too big a difference to XX Lager. But overall: Try it with some lime, together with some mexican dish - and you'll like it.
Dos Equis XX Draft     (Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma)
Wesi  For a reason unknown to me, the lager on tap is reasonably thinner than the Special Lager sold in bottles. I had them at the same time, so I could compare them quite easyly. Might be an exception - the barkeeper of the particular Cervezeria was looking to me like someone who knows how to increase his profits, grin...
Dos Equis XX Special Lager     (Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma)
Wesi  A very good, tasty lager. A bit thinner than european lagers, but still with lots more taste than all these watery ones.
Indio     (Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma)
Wesi  Yack. Something between herb tea and beer. Just weird. I double-checked to make sure sure that it was really labeled "cerveza" and not maybe "shower gel". Don't know where it is made, and neither what it is made of.
Modelo Especial     (Modelo)
Wesi  Pretty thin, but easy to drink and quite tasty. Kinda like the MGD of Mexico. Not bad.
Negra Modelo     (Modelo)
Wesi  An amber brewed by Modelo ? Suspicious... (Modelo is where Corona comes from). But against all odds, this one is truly tasty, creamy, sweet and well balanced. Delicious after a good and rich dinner.
Tecate     (FESMA Brewing)
Wesi  Thin. American taste made in Mexico. Gulp it down and go get your nickel for the redemption of the can. This way, you'll get at least something rewarding...
Tecate Light     (FESMA Brewing)
Wesi  Don't you dare torturing your poor goldfish with something like that! It must be to a fish like vacuum is to air breathing animals. Thinner than water.


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